VEG FRU WASH - Patented Solution For Sanitizing Vegetables And Fruits Since 2004.

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VEG FRU WASH is the world's safest and fastest vegetable and fruit cleaning solution.
It is patented vide patent number 239238 granted by the patent office, government of india.
It is also licensed from fssai food standards and safety authority of india vide license number 10819005000035.
VEG FRU WASH is based on food grade edible ingredients hence is 100% human safe.
VEG FRU WASH doesn't have any chlorine, detergent, soap, perfume, preservative, alcohol, artificial colour.



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VEG FRU WASH is the world's safest and fastest vegetable and fruit cleaner. It removes all surface contaminants including insecticide residue, pesticide residue, fungicide residue, bacteria, virus, sand, dirt, wax, grime in just 60 seconds.

It is patented vide patent number 239238 granted by the patent office, government of India.It is also licensed from food standards and safety authority of India (FSSAI) vide license number 10819005000035.

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• It cleans the fruits and vegetables in 3 simple steps.
• Based on completely edible ingredients hence is 100% human safe.
Lab Authenticated.
• Maintains freshness of vegetables and fruits.
• It doesn't have chlorine, no detergent, no soap, no perfume, no preservative, no alcohol, no artificial color.
• Extremely convenient to use.
• Veg Fru Wash takes just 60 seconds to get rid of all the 99% surface contaminants including pesticide residues, bacteria, dirt, sand, wax, and grime in a single wash.
• Leaves no odor or after taste on produce.
• 100% food grade.
• Scientifically proven, best solution yet to clean vegetables and fruits.


1. Mix 15ml. (3 teaspoonful) of veg fru wash in 500ml of plain water or 3% of veg fru wash in water.
2. Soak the vegetables or fruits in the prepared solution for one minute. Then rub individual piece thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution.
3. Transfer the soaked vegetables/fruits into strainer & wash thoroughly under running tap/clean water to finally make them squeaky clean and ready for consumption.


Why do you need a special wash and not an ordinary soap.

General soaps and detergents contain chemicals, phosphates, heavy metals, chlorides and many other toxicant which are hazardous to human health They are not fit for cleaning vegetables and fruits.

Hence, Jegson Innovative Industries after 15 years of research and tests innovated an all edible-ingredients based wash which doesn't leave its own residue and completely washes away all undesirable toxicants from the surface of vegetables and fruits.
Veg Fru Wash is proven on more than 100 toxic pesticides and validated from NABL accredited labto reduce the pesticide load and wash better than plain waterand chlorine water..

Veg Fru Wash has been scientifically proven to be the best solution for sanitizing vegetables and fruits before consumption.

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5 reviews for VEG FRU WASH – Solution for Sanitizing Vegetables and Fruits.

  1. 4 out of 5

    Dr. Sheelendra Rai Vidyarthi

    Really Good Product.

  2. 4 out of 5


    Good stuff. Costly but very effective.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Amit Sharma

    Washes veggies really well!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Sudhir Sharma

    On using Veg Fru Wash I found that it delivered the promised performance and can help a lot of people maintain their health which is more important than their wealth.

  5. verthil ertva

    Rattling nice style and design and fantastic content material, very little else we require : D.

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