Q 19. How is it different from Ozonizer ?

Ans : Ozonation is process of producing ozone gas by adding 1 extra oxygen compound to normal oxygen. This makes it highly oxidative. The ozone gas reacts with surface contaminant and oxidizes them. While oxidizing chemicals that are present in water and vegetables surface it reacts and creates bi-products like chlorate from chlorine or bromate from bromine. These bi-products are highly toxic and can cause cancer. Hence can be dangerous without proper knowledge of how to handle such an equipment. There are concerning issues like :

  • You have to buy the equipment and invest Rs.3000 Rs7000.
  • The equipment runs on electricity means extra daily recurring cost.
  • The equipment needs to run for minimum 15 to 30 minutes to purify 1 kg of vegetables and if the electricity goes off then it again needs to run for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • You can only ozonize 1to 1.50 kg in one session means for 4 to 5 kg you need 2 ½ hours daily ! phew!
  • If ozone gas is lower in concentration it doesn’t work in sterilization and if ozone gas is higher in concentration then it can damage the vegetables.
  • Ozone is not safe for humans as an exposure of more than 15 minutes or 30 ppm may damage lungs.

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