A Thick Manly Beard says a lot about your personality. Here’s How We Help Preserve it!

Several men dream of carrying a dense and thick beard. However, they shave it off abruptly. 

The reasons could be diverse. Some are tired of the itching it causes, some are wary of the low growth patches that start showing up. 

There are some others that are troubled with the texture. 

Out of these, however, the most troubled are those who do not have an evenly spread growth.

The patches are discouraging. We know that feeling. This empathy matched well with our expertise in the field of creating premier natural-extract rich products. This is where we launched one of our most promising products - Natural Beard Oil. 

About Our Beard Oil 

Essentially a beard conditioner, our product – Beard Oil by ECOSENSE, rejuvenates the existing hairs and helps stimulate growth in plain areas. It works through the goodness of essential oils such as Neem oil, olive oil, Brahmi, Argan oil, Amla and coconut base oil. All the ingredients in this product are 100% herbal and add life to the beard hairs. 

How it Helps in Regrowth

The oil works by reducing the hairfall and improves the texture of the existing hairs. Besides this, it gets into the roots of the hairs and follicles to stimulate growth. 

Overall, it improves the texture of the hairs, as well, and helps them look dense. Since it is free from any sulphates, it adds life to the hairs and protects them from external damage. 

It adds the necessary moisture to your skin and hair. 

The tissues beneath the skin get nourished and induce regrowth. 

How is it Safer than other Similar Products in the Market?

It works by nourishing hairs from within. It combines the goodness of nature’s most essential oils including Vitamin E. It is 100% herbal. 

There are no chemicals or mineral oils included in this product. 

It is free from sulphates, as well. 

Who Should Buy it

This oil is meant for everyone who adorns a beard. Just as the hairs on your head, you need to take care of your beard hairs too, to make them appear nice. 

This oil conditions the hairs to look healthier, dense, and smooth. It adds a natural shine to the beard and boosts growth. It is meant for all beard lovers. 

How to Use it for Best Results 

Use in smaller quantities spread it gently through the roots of the hairs. Then you should massage the roots to let the oil enter the hair follicles. For better results, you should use it every alternate day. 

It is safe to use daily as well. Your usage should depend upon the frizzes of your beard. 

If you have been burying down your dreams of maintaining a dense and thick beard, you’ve found us rightly. Try our product at the most affordable costs and change your style.

 Buy Now. Treat your beard patches with new growth, not clean shave.