7 Reasons Why you Should Choose a Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner Over Soaps

As we’ve become more conscious of our health and wellness, especially, after the recent pandemic situation, effective cleaning of fruits and vegetables comes out as a top priority every day.

However, it becomes crucial that we select the right products for the purpose of cleaning these edible items.

To use normal soaps or washing agents for food may turn out a pitfall.

Why? Fruits and vegetables are usually available in the open market without any safety packing.

They are exposed to several pollutants and harmful bacteria, viruses, farm chemicals, etc.

Besides this, all the fruits and vegetables are porous, and hence, the cleaning agents or soaps can penetrate the food through those pores.

This may, rather, defeat the very purpose of cleaning the vegetables and fruits, you’d agree.

The ingredients of household or dishwashing soaps can prove to be toxic when consumed.

What Makes Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners Different from Normal Soaps Custom fruit and vegetable cleaners are designed and produced keeping in mind the safety of humans.

1. They can be made up of completely edible ingredients and hence, considered safe for humans.

2. They can be free from Chlorine, soap, detergents, preservatives and alcohols.

3. They remove all forms of contaminants present on the surface of the fruits and vegetables such as -- pesticide residues, bacteria, dirt, sand, wax, and grime.

4. These are 100% food grade and leave no odour or perfume after washing.

5. They are easy to use and process quickly. Veg Fru Wash is one such premium product. It removes all contamination in a single wash and that too, within 60 seconds.

6. These cleaners are scientifically proven to better than plain water. The users must look for these ingredients when they buy a vegetable and fruit cleaner.

7. Additionally, the cleaners enhance the freshness and shelf life of raw vegetables and fruits.

Meet Veg Fru Wash. Veg Fru Wash is a product launched after 15 years of extensive research and testing on all-edible ingredients.

A NABL lab authenticated product, Veg Fru Wash has been tested on more than 100 toxic pesticides. It proves a better solution for the cleaning and sanitization of vegetables and fruits over the simple use of plain water.

It is scientifically proven to be better than chlorine water.

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